Fascinated by Person and Robot interactions...
robot2person, person2person, robot2....
you get the idea ! 

Stephanie M Scott | Founder, Content Creator, Strategist

Let's cut through the formal and get down to what you really want to know.

Do I understand the entertainment industry? You bet, from every angle.  I've worked in a studio for a live TV program, as a producer's assistant for corporate/advertising videos and with Feature Films (like Shooter and iRobot) in the Art Department and on set.

Currently, I have been helping Actors build their social media plan for personal publicist Holly Carinci at HollyWords Publicity, a woman I seriously admire and respect.

Do I understand that - 'Social Media' thing? I've worked on dozens of campaigns, both short and long duration. You can see my work in action at The Vancouver Web Festival, a group I have been involved with for years.

I study the trends, experiment with new applications regularly - and most importantly- I really love social media.  You'll hear my passion when we talk for the 1st time, it's an infectious passion. You'll love this world once I show you how beautiful it is.

Live Television, Feature Films, TV Series, Indie Film, Web Series, Publicity & Digital Campaigns


The truth: Yes, designing for  - Social Media - means having an intuitive understanding of communication for people but to get the results I often have to understand the language that computers (robots) use.  Having ARchie as my assistant is essential in creating the results my clients need.  And he is VERY entertaining too, you'll see.

You need to know that ARchie is curious about the why of human life, he plays in the internet and likes photography and cats.  Contact him directly by writing him a note c/o steph(at)wildfireeffect.com.  He always answers (but is easily distracted, so who knows what you’ll get- or when)