Supporting Personal Brands

SM Header

Working alongside HollyWords Publicity's celebrity clients WE created SM posts, teasers, event highlights, built Facebook Pages and much more.  This ALWAYS updated magazine tells the story


In order to recruit filmmakers WE created this campaign. WE wrote the copy and curated the 'creative common' images.

Social Media| Blog, Social Media Posts, Headers, Campaigns (100's more)

Over 6 years of content creation to support communication on social media. All of these Blog images & Social Media support graphics were created to emphasize a message and encourage engagement.

Print and Promotional

A Fashion Brand needed social media support but soon extended the contract to provide graphic design for all of their Print needs. Catalogues, Newspaper Ads, Postcards, In-store signs, Window Graphics, Photo touching, Runway Banners. 

Presentations | Interactive

Augmented Reality, a 3 year passion, came together as part of a presentation. Alice in wonderland characters transformed into the modern team needed to create the technology.

Video | Short Form Stories & Experiments

These videos were created to demonstrate or bring attention to a message. WE are always experimenting with new storytelling styles and techniques to suggest to our clients. Even less-than-ideal video footage can be improved with the right video edit and story plan as these smart phone 'epics' show.