(picking up and expanding on another's idea)

’ Your Red Chair is Waiting’

began as photo shoot to create interesting promotional postcards. A great campaign idea, we built a social media content strategy around it and despite not being involved in the initial design or plan I was brought in to continue it. 

Original Postcard

Digital Postcard Campaign

Vancouver Web Festival

The Vancouver Web Fest is a film festival that brings together industry and film creators that have decided to distribute their work on the internet. It is the evolution of entertainment consumption in our age.

I have been privileged to attend the festival since it’s inception, 2 of those years as part of the Steering Team.


  • 50+ graphics,
  • 12+ Header branding,
  • 5+ Youtube videos
  • 12+ Email promotion
  • 100+ SM content



In a single week in the daily grind of social media over 27 unique posts are written, images curated/ created and scheduled before anyone can hope for engagement or enough brand awareness to solicit ticket sales. To break through the noise the brand needs to be seen dozens of times.



Brand integrity! The graphic designer who created the initial postcards was unable to finish her work. So I stepped in curated vacation photos (with permission) to expand the campaign to acknowledge the international nature of submissions and web distribution itself and ensure all the countries in the festival were represented.


Time! I was brought into re-invigorate this campaign with less than two weeks to create, approve and schedule the digital postcards. It had to be effective but incredibly simple.


Bringing Community into the story: The digital postcards were posted every 3 days on all our social media channels linked with #vwfREDchair, #thecity and #countrytags to get them in front of new groups.


Versatility! News updates were confirmed for distribution each week so I worked with an editor to script a video news series. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3daolq_red-chair-news-vwf-at-whistler-film-fest_school

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3xsqj6_vwf-award-ceremony-promo_school (videos designed by Dulabic Studio) & Holiday and Festival updates were created with their own RED CHAIR themed graphics.



#vwfREDchair Digital Graphics

Countdown Images

Video by Dulabic Studio

Special Event

Video Co-Concept Dulabic Studio


"Working with Stephanie has been and is an absolute pleasure. She is highly creative and resourceful and as Media Director of Vancouver Web Fest Stephanie has become a valuable member of our team.

Her efficient and proactive manner of getting involved with all projects with enthusiasm has been a huge asset to VWF. Her drive, persistence and ability to see beyond what's going on in the now is a great asset to future years of our festival. Stephanie is definitely a huge asset to any company seeking her skills."

- Suzette Laqua, Executive Director/Founder at Vancouver Web Fest



The festival had grown organically and it was important in its 3rd year to establish a brand message that our audience could cling to.  The RED Chair represented the industry leaders on the stage, the spectators, and an object that was unique to our festival but was still versatile enough to build into many communication channels.  The VWF asked me to expand the #vwfREDchair graphics into it’s second year, a testament to it’s elegant design success.

Fast forward to this year