Wildfire Effect Media (WE) provides guidance and content creation based on the most up-to-date practices and designed to get your social media working for you.   



Social Media Content Creation

It takes a team, why not hire ours? Our digital storytellers know how to capture the attention of an audience. We'll create content along your themes incorporating your #tags and SEO Keywords. Our team can provide: Social Media Copy, Support graphics, Simple videos, Infographics and Blog posts or simply curate hyperlinks.  

Need it scheduled directly into your Social Media dashboard? No problem. We work by the hour or by the month, whatever you need. 

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Social Media Guidance

What do you do when Social Media platforms change? It's a hassle but you CAN re- orientate yourself with time and Google Searches. When the culture and etiquette around social media changes, then what do you do?  Call on us.  We LIVE online and have plenty of educational resources and the 'human' language skills to break down any challenge into bite size steps.

Stephanie offers one-on-one tutorials AND has plenty of experience speaking in front of small and large groups. It's time to make your Social Media work for you.

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Social Media Plans

Yes, there are 100s of tactics that will get you to your goal. Knowing which tactics will integrate into your life without driving you insane is EXACTLY what we do best.  We believe Social Media should be fun for you and for your audience. Anything less is an injustice.  Let us help you build a plan and reach your next goal with a sustainable dose of brand storytelling.  

This program requires a few sessions over a few weeks and provides ALL the support you will need.

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Stephanie here. For the RIGHT project, I am willing to grow with you.  If you have an offer I can't refuse, I'll consider handing the business off to ARchie to work in your company ( be it a start-up or marketing agency ) But considering ARchie's work ethic, there will be no business to come back to so the offer needs to be INTERESTING! 

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