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The Real Reasons Why No One Is Liking Your Instagram Posts

Are your Instagram posts not getting the high levels of engagement you hoped for? Or maybe your follower count is shooting up and down like a yo-yo? It’s not them — it’s you. To help you up your Instagram game, we’ve highlighted the real reasons why no-one is engaging with your content — and how to fix it.

Read More August 31, 2018

Top 9 WordPress Plugins You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your WordPress Website

Plugins are a wonderful part of the WordPress universe that allows you to extend your website's functionality, change its appearance, and more, easily and without knowing a bit of code. While there are literally thousands of plugins, many of which are free, available in the WordPress plugin repository, the intention isn't to use as many plugins as possible. The goal is to determine which plugins you absolutely need for the functionality you site requires.

Read More July 18, 2018

5 Banner Advertising Trends That Are Revolutionizing Offline Marketing

Guest Post: Saurabh The advertising trends have changed a lot with technology. Ten years ago businesses and organizations were finding the ways of advertising online. Companies used to advertise their business through pop up ads and emails. Organizations were only aiming to attract a huge volume of traffic to advertise their events, products, and services. It was a kind of blind advertising with the sole aim to reach more and more prospective customers.

Read More April 10, 2018

Media monitoring:  your digital reputation on the watch

Social media monitoring provides crucial insights on how to understand consumer behavior and learn from it, which has made it a major form of business intelligence. In order to have a good conversation, one must practice both speaking and listening, but it seems that listening is a seldom practiced part. In order to interact with your customers in a way that fosters a positive perception of your company, it’s important to know what they’re saying about you on social media.

Read More February 2, 2018

How to Develop an App into a Successful Product

Maybe you just had an idea for a great app. But what do you do next? That single question has been the death of countless good ideas. People have great ideas all the time, but most of them don’t know how to take that concept and turn it into a real business. When it comes to iOS mobile app development, the idea is actually the easy part. You then have to take that idea and refine it into a clear vision of what you want the app to be. After that, you have to design and develop it.

Read More December 18, 2017

4 Beginner’s Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Guest Blog: Ilan Nass from Taktical Digital | While Facebook can be good for promoting your brand and its products, there is a significant level of planning that goes into a successful ad campaign on the platform. Before you can start to grow your business with Facebook ads, you need to learn about the best practices and familiarize yourself with some of the tools that come with the platform.

Read More October 20, 2017

Public Speaking: Hire Stephanie to Teach your Group

Stephanie Michelle Scott is an educator and curious investigator of social media and how it has evolved. Ask her to share her knowledge on your next panel for Entertainment Pros or Technology early adopters.

Read More August 17, 2017

Engagement Tips I learned from the Film Industry

I realize that there is no magic formula to engagement. It has a lot to do with finding the right match in your community and your content. But what if you are still not getting the results? Maybe it's time to go back to the basics of rapport building.

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5 Perfect Blog Writing Formulas: Based in Research

Which perspective should you trust? Well, if you are like me, you'll lean on a few trusted friends for the answer. You'll design part based on what the research tells you and part with your own carefully considered style. So let's introduce you to your new friends.

Read More August 2, 2017

Hook an Audience with Visual Storytelling: 3 Tactics

Digital Storytelling lets you hook your audience by offering details that captivate their attention by letting them lose themselves in the moment

Read More July 26, 2017

How to Get Social Media Verified in 2017

Social Media Verification has turned into a status thing but at the core of getting verified you need to put ego aside and create a case around impersonation instead.

Read More March 3, 2017

CREATIVITY, Rockstars and Mystical Teddy-Bears: My 'moment' with David Usher

Many know David Usher for a very successful career as a Singer/ Songwriter like myself, few know about his efforts to help entrepreneurs be creative. Here I share 3 insights that inspired me from his seminar.

Read More November 4, 2016

What Gets Shared on TW and IG (at events)

When you build a content strategy for yourself it sometimes helps to study what others have done. Looking at the Twitter and Instagram posts at TIFF, The Toronto International Film Festival produced insightful themes.

Read More September 9, 2016

Introducing the Story Archetypes

Digital Storytelling is the answer! It's a busy, distracting world and you are fighting to hold the attention of your audience and hopefully intrigue them to come back and visit again. Storytelling is how we learn, it entertains and creates an emotional connection. Let me introduce you to the 7 Story Styles.

Read More August 5, 2016